Slog PM: A Police Officer Made $414,543.06 Last Year; Trump Visits Wisconsin; THANK YOU, SLOGGERS!

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How much do you make? IDK, a little under half a mill.

“How much do you make?” “IDK, a little under half a mill.” STEPHEN BRASHEAR / GETTY

First, some housekeeping: Looking back at August, we calculated that Stranger readers spent just over 500,000 collective minutes reading our endorsements for the August 4 primary election (504,467 total engaged minutes, to be exact). Damn! That’s around 8,333 hours, or 347 days. Collectively, Sloggers spent almost a full year reading our endorsement package. If you’re responsible for one of those days, hours, or minutes, THANK YOU! Please consider throwing in a tip or recurring monthly contribution so we can get our next endorsement package ready for you in October.

New York City was planning on starting in-person classes next week: And then the teachers prepared for a strike. NYC will now delay in-person classes until at least September 21. From USA Today:


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the deal Tuesday morning at City Hall, saying that the start of school would be pushed back to make sure teachers had enough time to plan and prepare for managing a blended learning model. Some children will learn at home full-time, and others will learn at home and also come to school buildings a couple days a week.

Trump and Barr were in Kenosha, Wisconsin today: The duo did not meet with the family of Jacob Blake, who was shot at seven times by police and paralyzed. Instead, they met with the family of property damage and complained about Portland:

One Seattle police officer made *checks notes* $414,543.06 last year: That’s more than the mayor, more than the police chief… So how did 58-year-old patrol officer Ron Willis do it? Seattle Times reporters Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Beekman, and Manuel Villa try to figure it out.

Cops cleared the Cal Anderson Shelterhouse again: The Stranger‘s Rich Smith was there and has updates.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he supports another coronavirus relief bill: The comments were made while he was testifying before the House Coronavirus Select Subcommittee on Tuesday. ABC News got a draft of what Republicans intend to propose. Some bullet points:

  • A $300 weekly federal boost to unemployment benefits through the year’s end, down from the $600 per-week check distributed under previous stimulus legislation which ended in July; loosens requirements for small business loans to be forgiven;
  • An additional $258 billion for small business Paycheck Protection Program loans designed to allow those who have already borrowed to do so again;
  • $29 billion for Health and Human Services to assist in the development and distribution of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics, and demands a plan for “how the vaccine distribution plan will focus efforts on high-risk, underserved and minority populations;
  • $16 billion for testing and contact tracing; $105 billion for schools—with substantially more going to those schools that have in-person classes.

Democrats will likely push back against the package.

Uncle Ike chatted with KIRO radio ghoul Dori Monson: Uncle Ike’s owner Ian Eisenberg characterized a protest outside of one of his shops as “something out of Alex Jones’ Infowars.” He accused “the far hardcore left” of coming “after you” if you disagree with them. “And when I say come after you, I’m talking about your personal life, your business life, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, over and over and over again,” said Eisenberg. Here’s the clip:

Seattle-based Big Fish Games laid off around 250 people today: The cuts account for almost half of the company’s workforce. Geekwire has a copy of the memo Big Fish sent to its staff. Geekwire also suggests that “the job cuts are not related to the economic crisis or the company’s ongoing class action legal battle brought about by plaintiffs who accused Big Fish of violating Washington state laws governing online gambling.” Hm!

Seattle’s Mayor Durkan is asking the state Supreme Court to throw out the effort to recall her from office: Durkan’s main argument is that she believes the recall effort is based on policy disagreement and not a violation of a law or standard. That recall effort blames Durkan for SPD’s obscene use of tear gas and other chemical weapons used in June, since the police chief reports to the mayor. “The court is tentatively scheduled to discuss the case in private Oct. 8,” reports David Gutman for the Seattle Times.

I like Gutman’s headline: “Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan asks Supreme Court to stop recall, says none of her decisions were unreasonable.” Jenny Durkan claiming none of her decisions during CHOP were unreasonable is a wild claim.

Washington state reported 304 new COVID-19 cases in Washington: Plus 16 new deaths. As of last night, 2.6% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Washington state have died from the virus.

The City of Seattle will offer child care for 550 elementary age kids at 19 locations: The city will also launch “Teen Resource Hubs” to support teenagers during their digital learning. Mayor Durkan announced the program today:

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“We know that lack of access to child care is a huge issue for families, both in Seattle and nationally. Accessible and safe child care is a crucial element to our City’s recovery and the long-term health and success of our kids. The City is grateful to Seattle Public Schools for their ongoing partnership as we navigate the unprecedented remote learning environment.”

Registration is open and scholarships are available. Locations and info here.

We haven’t really touched on Sunday’s VMAs yet: I thought it was a pretty good show, sans the Black Eyed Peas and their light-up codpieces. Here’s Chloe x Halle’s performance:
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