New Savage Lovecast: A Dick Pic Study!

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A woman’s husband had low testosterone, so he started taking T. But then, he turned into a total asshole! Is this normal? Is this just what testosterone does?


A trans woman has not yet had bottom surgery. While she waits, how can she find a woman who would want her as she is now, and how she will be later?

On the Magnum, Dan chats with sex researcher Alexandra Marcotte about her study looking at how men and women differ in their enjoyment of dick pics.

A woman has a girlfriend but they don’t live together. The caller is very cautious about covid-19: She wipes all her groceries down, sterilizes the doorknobs- that sort of thing. Meanwhile, her girlfriend’s roommates are going out to bars, throwing caution to the wind. How can the caller try to limit contact? Is there a huge fight in their future?

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