New Savage Lovecast: Stock up on Sex Toys with Erika Moen!

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Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph, our opening sex during quarantine story is scorching hot this week, hoo boy.


Black and Latinx trans women led the Stonewall riots against police brutality

A woman is working from home with her boyfriend. He sets up his computer monitors with one screen always playing Twitch streams with young blonde hotties. Is the caller allowed to be annoyed by this?

On the Magnum, sex toy expert and generally charming person Erika Moen is on to make a bunch of recommendations for gear to get you through these extremely challenging times. Also, what is up with sex dolls? A deep discussion ensues.

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A woman asked her man to dominate her. He responded “You suck at doing dishes!!” That’s not what she had in mind. How can she learn him to boss her around?

A snippet:

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