A Message to the City from Brandon Ivie

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Brandon Ivie is a theater director.

Brandon Ivie is a theater director.

Good morning. It’s Friday, June 5, and today’s message comes from the director Brandon Ivie.

“My message to the city today is a message to the white people of the city. The last week or so I’ve been really trying to be self-critical and understand how I am a part of what’s going on right now as a white person, and what I can do to change things,” he begins.

“The main thing that I want to impart to all the white people who are watching is that this is our problem. This is a white-person problem.”

Brandon requested that his bio not be published with this post—to just let the video speak for itself.

Thank you, Brandon, for having the guts to be self-critical, and to encourage other white people to look within, and to speak out, and to have the hard conversations that need to be had.

Thank you for your message.

Good luck out there.

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