Seattle-Buenos Aires Latino Neo Psychedelic Rock Band Pampa Celebrates the Release of Their New Record This Saturday

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Pampa Maddie Rogers

Seattle-based Pampa craft a mix of down-tempo guitar pop, dusty 1970s-vintage-tinged indie folk rock, and neo psychedelia dosed heavily with Latino influences, all of it finished with a layer of gray PNW moodiness. Buenos Aires native singer-songwriter-guitarist Moon Baillie helms the quartet, and his bilingual lyrics on new sophomore full-length La Contumacia are often abstract and delivered in poetic streams-of-consciousness, reflecting on the sun, the moon, sky, sand, love, the idea of home, the passage of time, open land and wilderness versus the city, existence …

Pampa’s show at Sunset Tavern this Saturday (with Caitlin Sherman and Hotel Vignette) celebrates the release of La Contumacia (“The contumacy,” meaning “a stubborn refusal to obey or comply with authority”), and the album ranges from the bouncy yet haunted set opener “When the Dawn Is Gone,” to the darkly urgent Crazy Horse–vibing rock of “Maniobrando (Con La Llama),” to the expansive, windswept luster of “So Far (Yes, So Far),” which features guest vocals by the Black Tones’ Eva Walker.

Some media below.

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