Saturday Super Social brings together newcomers and university students


On Monday university students across New Brunswick will begin spring break and while some catch up on old readings or head south in search of tropical beaches and drinks decorated with miniature umbrellas, others are taking advantage of an opportunity to give back.“The point of today is to get university students to do something different with their spring break,” said Sarah King, the director of experiential learning for the University of New Brunswick.“You hear about students partying, or travelling, or bunkering down and studying, and we know that there’s an appetite for students to contribute to their community but we here all the time from students, ‘Oh I just don’t have time’ or ‘I don’t know how’ or ‘I don’t know where I’m needed or what use I can be.’”
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Today marks the Saint John Super Saturday Social (!) put on by the four publicly funded universities to help welcome new comers and give students a chance to make their spring break a little more productive.— Silas Brown (@silasjvbrown) March 2, 2019
READ MORE: New U of A study suggests some Syrian refugees ‘abandoned’ by private sponsorsEnter the Saturday Super Social, a joint event with the Saint John Newcomers Centre, Future Ready NB, and the four publicly-funded New Brunswick universities.The concept is simple: bring together newcomers and students, giving the former a chance to socialize, make new friends and practice their language skills and the latter an immersive experiential learning opportunity.“The newcomers get to make new friends and the locals get to meet people from different cultures,” said Mohamed Bagha, the managing director for the Saint John Newcomers Centre.“I think such events are great for integration and they’re very good for the community … We are here to make newcomers locals.”WATCH: Montreal asks government to take more human approach on immigration

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